I need a gig 2017 edition, day 31: Job acquired


…And it’s really kind of depressing, because I had a great time without a job and got a lot done here at the manor and money wasn’t a problem…  It’s like, I want to do that forever!

I start my new gig Monday.

My rate regressed a little, I took $48/hr.  Had a couples gigs in a row at $55/hr.  But this new one was close to the house here and in this business when earnest people offer you a gig with adult wages like that, you don’t look that horse in the mouth.   You take the work.   It’s not a let down.

Blogging will pick up when I get back to cube land.  Been very healthily detached from politics.  It’s like, a person can get by without it!

I have to go do a urine test now and fill out an I-9.  Trip into the city on this fine day, bleh.





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