The proper way a man orders steak

You don’t want it burnt.  And you don’t want it pink.

Over that range from medium rare to medium well, in any case you want it sizzling, very hot.  And given options, get the ribeye or porterhouse.  Spend the extra money, if its required.

No ketchup or steak sauce, just some seasoning and butter.

So yeah, there is something a little screwy about Trump’s palette.  Like he wants to be a man and eat steak but he can’t really stand the taste of steak, needs to moderate the taste of steak.  Like a lady…

I love steak.


One thought on “The proper way a man orders steak

  1. pm1956

    I also love steak. Rare to medium rare for me. NY strip is my favorite, which makes T bones and porterhouses also great (strip on the one side, tenderloin on the other). I also like sirloin a lot–tougher, but great meaty flavor. And never ketchup. Salt and pepper it first, sear it, finish with butter and fresh thyme. Ocassionally I’ll make a bearnaise to go with it. Sometime mushrooms and garlic. And, generally, I prefer to sear it in a cast iron pan rather than on a grill–I think that gets a better sear, although maybe my grill just isn’t hot enough! (watch this for some fun!: )


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