Jots w/ Dots: Presidents Day 2017

Trump stock market rally: Vox says its real, but might not last.  Kinda an obvio-piphany there.  Ya know, the Trump rally ostensibly goes on until it prices in whatever deregulation and tax reform that we might get.  After that, ya need growth, plain old growth… and maybe dereg and tax reform augments that over what it otherwise would have been.  But there’s always a limit to the upside at any moment…

Knowing inspector Amy is on the case wouldn’t exactly make me tremble

Eye on Sweden  Ya know, with the ‘Bowling Green’ and the ‘Sweden’, I think the worst you can say is Kellyann Conway and Trump are guilty of malaprop -ing in some way.  Liberals are taking too much enjoyment from this kind of mistake, and not doing much to damage the larger narrative.

Analysis: true  I think the deep state would be wiser to just sit back and allow Trump to fuck up somewhere and not be re-relected.

I’m actually going to miss the Sunday line at Casanova’s in Hudson.  Kind of a bummer for business like that, they’ll make less money, have a business that’s not worth as much….  But ya know, they’ll probably get by.


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