I need a gig, 2017edition, day 21: The ‘how do you get experience if no one will give you a job’ paradox

Still unemployed, quite enjoying the time off, but I do need a job.

So, the ‘how do you get experience if no one will give you a job’ paradox…  I’m not 22, I’m not suffering from it all that much.  But there are sizable demands for certain skill sets in my employment ecosystem, not enough candidates for those demands, and I’m otherwise attractive as an experienced pro with discernable aptitude…. But these hiring manager guys won’t give me a one of these jobs…. One of these coder jobs that is sort of harmonious with what I’ve been earning.

Just did a phone thing with some guys at EHG who wanted someone who has done heads down coding with this language thing for 2-3 years.  I said, “I don’t have that, but I am basically a creature of that world, would pick it up quick.”

Nope, no dice.  Wants some who codes ‘day 1’ on the job, wasn’t convinced I could.  Which is fine, but I think short shrifts the reality that no coding pro writes out code free hand…. They leverage existing written code from the library, you copy it and alter it to make it work…. And I can do that, now, probably.

Ya know, fine…. It’s curious that they gave me the interview though, because my res says what I just expressed.  It tells me, given the shortage / demand for people with these skill sets, they are digging deep for superficially experienced technicians, but then they jettison most of them because they don’t meet their high bar for the specific skill set.  It’s kooky.


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