Flynn Flam: I really doubt it’s Trump’s Watergate

I think for this to not be just the typical, dissonant noise that is going to be the ambiance of the Trump years, there needs to be a quid pro quo not just proven, but articulated… and I’m not seeing it.  Flynn’s conversations with the Russians about the sanctions could very well be just a bunch of shit talk by a guy (Flynn) who didn’t have authority to pro quo anything…

Flynn is pro quo-ing in December right, when he says the Wikileaks / FSB sanctions will go away…. Pro quo-ing for what?  It assumes that Trump asked the Russians for the whole DNC Wikileaks thing, and were thus obligated to make a payback.  I just don’t think that’s the explanation for DNC Wikileaks.  And… it actually doesn’t stand that Trump would pay the Russkies or anyone else back for anything it was implied he owed, if he didn’t want to pay them back…  That’s how he rolls, he feels entitled, he doesn’t pay people back, doesn’t reciprocate.  So the fallback for people who think Trump owes them, the collateral, its supposed to be blackmail right.  Ya know, KOMPROMAT…  The man can not be embarrassed, it doesn’t work.

It is a great curiosity to me that there’s all this wiretapping and cable intercepting going on at various points since the election.  Ya know, I know the government is way beyond having to actually have warrants, but usually a mitigating explanation is required.  In the absence of probable cause, the potential for terrorism.  That would all seem to be completely absent.

So, say there is a quid pro quo proven.  And I’m amenable to the notion, sure.  He’s not being impeached, alright.  You’re not getting the Republican congress to do that, deserve-d or not.

Updated to add:

OK, the assumption is, all correspondence between Americans and Russian diplomats is monitored to the extent it can be.  So, the CIA et al picked up the Flynn conversations and someone is leaking a rough outline of them to damage Flynn and Trump.

Which is totally fine.  But the ambiguity is sending lefties to the conclusion of “it’s worse than Watergate!” when it may very well fall short of that.


2 thoughts on “Flynn Flam: I really doubt it’s Trump’s Watergate

  1. pm1956

    I certainly don’t know what the real story in all of this is. maybe Trump owes the Russians a lot of $$. Maybe they really do have some great home movies of the Donald.

    All I know is that this is tremendously entertaining. Keystone Cops level stuff.

    Seriously, this is amateur hour in the White House. The level of incompetence is just stunning. There is no discipline, no coordination, nothing is getting done. And, of course, this is all about the Donald. This is a perfect reflection of who he is. Petty, mercurial, distracted, driven by his dick and his ego.

    The real question is if and when the people who voted for him will start to get tired of all this. I am not certain that we have yet arrived at the point where he is losing support from his supporters. I am not certain what it will take for them to decide that he is a failed president, but I expect that we will get there eventually.


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