I need a gig, 2017 edition, day 15: Funemplyoment

I didn’t have a job to go to yesterday, I’m on funemployment furlough.  If my recent personal history is to be a guide, I’ll get a job this week or next, at which point it will have been really cool to have been off for a week or two, just doing stuff that has languished.

We’re in good shape, I got another paycheck coming and I have my tax refund money coming.  Gig workers like me are eligible for unemployment, but it’s a max of $512 a week or something.  Not as if that isn’t a useful amount, but if you can only draw for a week, which I expect to be the case with me…. It just adds complexity to my tax return in ways that I’d rather not bother with.  So I haven’t looked at it and may not.

EHG continues to have open reqs on the vendor systems out there, and I am submitted, but have not been called.  I’m weak in a desirable skill set common to a lot of job reqs, and one EHG seeks in particular.  I have a lot of vendors trying to submit for the same jobs at EHG, it has some appearance of being the only game in town at the moment.

There is a “test score processor” in town that has contract needs.  I had a sit down with some people to discuss that.  Its fine, but they aren’t starting their project until end of March.  I expect to be able to take a gig by then.

One of my old vendors will straight up call me and give me a job at a “mining and manufacturing company” here in town if he gets a signature on a bid for work… which he seems likely to get.  It’s just a matter of timing.

Gig economy article, about the white collar sector in particular.  Reporter expresses this all as if it’s a new thing, which it isn’t.  https://www.minnpost.com/good-jobs/2017/02/minnesotas-gig-economy-not-just-artists-and-uber-drivers-anymore



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