FFS: Nordstrom’s and Ivanka

FFS = For Fxxxx Sake

Nordstrom’s is right to drop the Ivanka trade. Has nothing to do with them being a right or left company or who’s pressuring them. They are a store operation; they don’t need the distraction of politics.

This seems clear cut, Conway is across a line. http://nymag.com/thecut/2017/02/kellyanne-conway-says-to-go-buy-ivankas-stuff.html

Is anyone going to prosecute her? I doubt it.

As far as one might say “all administrations break the small laws and don’t get prosecuted”, I suggest this is kind of analogous: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2016/jul/19/obama-wont-punish-castro-violating-hatch-act/

Merchandising, celebrity merchandising…. Jordan Kushner has like a $1m w2 job at the family REIT and gets a profit distribution from the family REIT, Ivanka, same from the Trump REIT. That’s how they live, that’s how their rich people household expenses are met. The merchandising money from Nordstrom’s, it may be in the low 6 figures a year say (and I think that’s a generous guess, probably too high), but its mad money nonetheless… it’s an afterthought, they could give it up and should.

Ya know, I like Gorsuch, I like the war on fake global warming, I think Devos is okay…. But I am properly embarrassed by the Trumps. They are very small people. Lucky for them I guess, quite a lot of people are not embarrassed.


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