Jots w/ dots 2/8/17

Cooper I learned about a week ago his boat on Minnetonka is named ‘Overdraft’. I thought that was pretty douche-y. He’s well regarded though.

This is the thing: not fascism, but a time killer

Trump may very well be right on this though Would have fit neatly and proximately among newly red IA, WI, and MI.

Because darn it, he’s good enough. He strikes me as a credible candidate, a guy who’d have a shot at winning. Because of his celebrity and because he’s got enough gravitas generally. Not that I’d vote for him.


2 thoughts on “Jots w/ dots 2/8/17

  1. pm1956

    Bill Cooper was an asshole. Especially in his personal life (divorces, girlfriends, his treatment of his children). I wnet to a party at his house once, big, new house on Ferndale Rd in Wayzata. Lots of bookshelves, and all of the books were brand new, in the dust jackets, never been read. He paid someone to go out and stock his bookshelves. To me, that says something about a person.

    1. WP

      Lol. My reaction to this ‘Overdraft’ news nugget a week ago or more was not wrong then I guess. It made for a minor tirade within the confines of the house, a tirade that amused my wife and children.


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