The left thinks he’s Rasputin amirite. That’s the analog, Rasputin. Whatever he is, the right found identical Rasputins around Obama in 2009 (Valerie Jarrett, Van Jones). Same, identical phenomena. The party out of the WH sees Rasputins.

I discern:

Bannon is superficially qualified enough to be a “Presidential advisor”, has done enough things in life.

Bannon is superficially qualified to be on NSC, has done enough things in life.

Bannon is a bomb-thrower, not temperamentally qualified to be either.

Him and this cabal he comes from are not anti-Semites in the standard way people think of anti-Semites. They are mawkishly philo-Semitic actually, but have a bent about liberal Jews and Jews & liberalism. Which is a thing, its a spot on the creep/bigot conspiracy theory continuum no doubt.

You look at Bannon’s biography and it’s noted that formatively he was a Navy officer. These people, these guys, the military officers… there is an automatic high-regard in this country for their character, astuteness, and decisiveness….. ummm, that’s just never been a notion reinforced by the ones I’ve met. The ones I’ve met have been consistently jerky and prone to foibles we’ll say. They talk about Mattis as kind of a Samurai right… well maybe you do need people like that on the wall, as Nicholson said in “A Few Good Men”, but… these guys are often a bit kooky.


One thought on “Bannon

  1. pm1956

    I like the Rasputin analogy.

    Main issue I have with military types is that too often there is this instinctive faith (often undeserved) in “the chain of command”. Too much automatic obedience, too little questioning. I understand that a battlefield is a special situation, but the NSC conference room is something else again. Presidents need people who will tell them when they are wrong. I don’t know how good people with military backgrounds are with that type of a role.


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