I need a gig, 2017 edition: Day 8

Last week in this space I mulled the curiosity of being a rare-ish middle aged white guy technical practitioner in the world of IT consulting, where the wages are not low to the point it’s a ‘job Americans won’t do’. Then days ago in this space I lamented that the rates on requisitions presented to me were kind of low. Well, there’s a macro intersection of these phenomena….

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/trump-h-1b_us_5890d86ce4b0522c7d3d84af Pullquote: “Another dirty little secret in all this is that the H-1B program is an enabler of rampant age discrimination in the tech industry. Age is actually one of the core issues in H-1B. Mind you, we are talking about age 35 as being “old” here, not 55. Almost all the H-1Bs are young, and younger is cheaper. And young H-1Bs are even cheaper than young Americans.”

Now, I’m not bitter about the basic phenomena…. At all. I think it’s kind of always been thus, someone is always undermining someone else’s rate. One would best just keep getting more skilled to be in demand, etc. And I don’t contemplate the proposition of ‘fairness’ etc, I’m not owed anything. But there is this irritation I have in observing that companies will keep a requisition open for months at say $48/hr rather than fill it at $55/hr. And also an irritation at the absurdity of the skill sets they think they can procure at $48/hr, IE, programming engineers with a basket of niche, expert abilities. With both things, the companies are enabled by the wealth of well-educated technologists coming in from India on H1-B.

Is what it is though.


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