I need a gig, 2017 edition: Day 4

Agile is a software development process / method. Very, very broadly, it’s supposed to be nimble, iterative, and absent the documentation regimens of the prior software era… that which was mostly done under a starched shirt and pocket protector methodology called “waterfall”.

I started working under the agile development process about 5-6 years ago. And it was fine, so fine that I didn’t even contemplate it at first. But then hiring managers really explicitly started asking for people who had worked under Agile. So I revamped my resume about two gigs ago to express that very thing, that I’m accustomed to working in contemporary development environments with contemporary tools (Agile and Java, not waterfall and green screens).

So my resume literally says, I work under Agile, and have in every project I’ve been on since 2010. It was Agile here, and it was Agile there, and then it was Agile there…. PCC, Greentree, Ecolab, 3M, Carlson….

Well my resume got looked at by someone at EHG and they claim they don’t see the Agile, and that thus I’m not qualified…..

That along with it being kind of slow… I’m seeing all the same requisitions from different people… is making me have a minor anxiety attack right now.

…its going to be fine.


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