I need a gig, 2017 edition: Day 3

Yesterday I trekked into Minneapolis for some screening sit-downs with some staff augmentation vendors who will be pimping me. Went good.

You hear, ya know, Minneapolis is this, Minneapolis is that…. Good size big league city that it is… usually we’re talking crime and grime.

Well in every spot I was at, it was pretty lovely. They talk about the North Loop undergoing ‘redevelopment’. It seems to be “done”. You go up Washington Ave. and it’s tidy, hip, and attractive. I haven’t had occasion to be there before really. North Loop must be to Minneapolis what Lowertown is to St. Paul.

I was on 48th and Chicago at one point. I guess the thing is, I’m not accustomed to thinking about Chicago Ave. in lovely terms. But that spot there is a lovely intersection in a well maintained, middle class neighborhood.

Anywho, my best leads…. There’s this huge health insurance company in town. Let’s call it “Enormous Health Group”. Very, very large capitalization enterprise. Large as they are, their need for staffing resources is like a gravitational feature of the local IT consulting environment. Everyone does a gig there, and I have yet to.

Might happen this time. Seems to be a harmonious rate and skill match at EHG whereas I’m too expensive for some of the other open requisitions being shown to me.


One thought on “I need a gig, 2017 edition: Day 3

  1. pm1956

    48th and Chicago? you were in my ‘hood! Well, sort of close, anyway. That is a great neighborhood. Minneapolis has lots of these little commercial intersections that have interesting restaurants and fun stores, etc. Next time you are at 48th and Chicago, you should go to Pepito’s. Classic Tex Mex. Nothing fancy, really, but notable because it has been around since about 1948. Who knew there was Tex Mex in Minneapolis in 1948? Your basic immigrant success story, the family has been active in local politics and business and are an intergral part of the community.

    As for EHG, I know a bunch of people there, but not in IT. In any event, they all seem to like it, feel it is about as “benevolent” a place to work as any other major company in town. Hard to imagine, but it was just a tiny little thing 25 years ago. They have successfully made the transition to a large, professionally run corporation. I also know a lot of people at Best Buy, and, from what I have heard, they were far less successful at that transition (but it sounds like Joly is getting them on that track).


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