That Trump Yemen strike…

Trump sent Seal Team 6 into Yemen to interdict some ISIS / AQ targets that Obama had chosen not to.

I don’t know that Obama was wrong in the preceding years, but I’m not sure it was a “disaster” for Trump based on what happened.

See, there’s an idiom that describes a place that might be hard to approach / attack. You describe it as being like ‘an armed camp.” Well this place in Yemen with these ISIS / AQ targets was an ‘armed camp’ right… but literally, not idiomatically. It’s not to be engaged without a violent clash. If you do engage, you’re going to lose guys and you’re going to kill women and children along with combatants. This should be understood by definition, with notions of clean interdiction understood as fairly naïve and childish. You’re lucky if they happen cleanly.

And ya know, the US military is tasked with, among other things, assaulting armed camps. It’s not off the table, this is one of the things they do. So they did here, they chose to assault an armed camp. Trump sent in Seal Team 6… they lost a guy, killed some combatants, and also killed some women and children. If the tactical objectives got achieved without too much cost on your own side, it’s probably not actually a ‘disaster’ of an interdiction. It’s expected.

Other thing is, I was under the impression it was true that the Obama drones used to wipe out wedding parties numbering several dozen innocents in order to get 1 or 2 AQ targets. Not “disasters” though, right… becuz?

All that said, I don’t think a muscular and profligate campaign of Seal interdictions in the Mideast would be a wise thing. Even if there is though, and among them some debacles…. which there probably will be… GOP Presidents don’t really get stained by the failure that comes from being militarily muscular. Maybe not even Democrat Presidents really suffer from that. I’m thinking the Marine barracks in Lebanon here, Reagan didn’t really suffer from that.


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