I need a gig, 2017 edition: Day 2

I usually need a new gig once a Jan 1 to Jan 1 calendar year. What’s good is, my gigs have consistently been going about a year.

Not this time. I started it Nov 13. Got word yesterday I am rolling off 2/10. That’s something less than 3 months of work.

Troubled project, I’m glad to be leaving. Couple of the other guys, expensive PM types, got straight up shit canned.

I do now have to dig into my deep reserve of job finding moxie that I had all this swagger about a couple days ago. I think it will be fine.

I want to document the ins and outs on a daily basis….

Got notice yesterday…

Days until idle workdays: 14

Updated: LinkedIn, Dice, resume, references

1 interview procured for tomorrow morning, screening type interview.


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