Terkling: 1 – work as domestic born IT guy, 2 – ?, 3 – profit

A couple weeks ago the IT staff augmentation vendor that employs us consultants at this site brought us all into a room and gave us a pizza lunch. My Trumpy co-worker had, in days prior, vented a grievance that Indian H1B workers were making middle aged white guys very expensive for enterprise IT. So I took this occasion of the lunch to do a bit of a census.

There were 30 people in this group having pizza. I counted 7 white guys I think, 3 white women, and the rest were foreign born – Indian, Pakistani, West African, and a couple eastern Europeans.

I don’t share my Trumpy co-worker’s pessimism that we’re going to get obsoleted in favor of cheaper, younger foreign workers (at least I’m not going to be unable to find work as an older man… I’ll never be discouraged out of the work force doing what I do, I‘ll ask for work and I’ll get hired, I built up a pile of moxie doing what I do…)

But there is this phenomenon that’s curious, and it is that I fairly seldom encounter other 40-55 yo white guys on the job, plying the IT contractor trade. It’s apparently a job that Americans won’t do. And it isn’t the money, cuz I don’t think I know anyone who’s been doing it 15 years that isn’t making $100k.

I think it’s the security. Even though the gig economy is well established, most people want a permanent job once they get into their 30’s and beyond.

So there’s this, from Trump HQ:


What I’d say follows from what I just mentioned… I don’t think there are a lot of native workers to attract into IT consulting, even with rates that inflate due to a lack of H1B workers. And no one is going to make firms hire perm employees faster than they do.


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