If we had castle doctrine, this guy…. would probably still go to prison

There was that homeowner shoots burglar case in Little Falls couple years ago. The burglars were juvenile delinquents who had the unfortunate luck to encounter whack-job Byron Smith in his home. Smith murdered them, and he was convicted. He got life.

This guy, figure he was adrenalized, just wasn’t thinking clearly as he ought to have been.


He’ll get convicted, maybe do a couple years. You can’t shoot burglars in retreat like that, but the circumstances are more mitigating.

Madelia is where the James / Younger gang was cornered after the Northfield raid in 1876 (minus the James’, who slipped into South Dakota). My forebears farmed in Madelia a little after. I think the biggest industries in town now are food processing… turkeys and chickens say.

The newspaper makes much of the fact this fellow lives in a $425k house. I don’t know if I agree with that, editorially…. but it probably is a very affluent home for Madelia, and I guess material to this notion of what might have been being burgled and defended.


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