T+2: Pussy march and other thoughts

Father knows best… I’m a right wing crank dad right…Well I banned the 12 year old from Reddit in months past because he picked up the term “Femi-nazi” there, was asking about the bitchiness of the womens’ movement basically.  Reddit might be culturally hip and liberal, but you come to observe there’s a lot of bro hooliganism riding along.  I think it may be true that the women’s movement asks for some things that are a bit absurd, but I am not going to have my boys go forward in life with this unhealthy baggage about the gender wars.

Yesterday he was asking about protests, and the worthwhile of people ‘complaining’ after a perfectly good election.  He’s glommed on to a RW line of critique there, and I don’t know where he gets it from because this is not actually a caustic RW house and he goes to a gifted school in St. Paul with the children of liberals.  It must be pervasive.  I said….let’s get back to the more literal word, “demonstration”.  If they can put 100k people in the streets in 20 American cities, that “demonstrates” potency to politicians, that it’s a point of view that needs to be addressed.  So it is worthwhile, now as in the past….  Protesters convinced Johnson not to run in 68, convinced the govt that the consensus position ought to be end the war in Vietnam…

“And the suffragettes”, my wife said.

So, with the protests….  they were big, a lot of people I know went.  There’s something there, something powerful to be cultivated for the Democrats.  I guess alternately though you could say, those people probably all voted for Hillary anyway, and there’s not any net votes to get out of it.  And it takes the party left-ward probably, which really doesn’t work any better now than it ever did.

I was watching the inauguration on Friday at work, watching it on my PC.  My co-worker is a white guy in my age bracket, actually one of few in recent years (I work with a lot of millennials and Indian H1-B workers, buncha things at confluence there, topic worth elaborating on at another time…).

Guy is a Trumpist, he was pretty jazzed.  “Lots of things are going to change”, he said, and he picked out trade and the “$20 Trillion dollar deficit” Obama made.

I expressed that I was not unhappy with a Republican presidency, but that those items were kind of dubious in my mind…. Started doing this Hayek-ian / Friedman thing about how we should have free trade and leave low value manufacturing to other countries while we do high value work…

Guy looked at me like I had two heads.  So I stopped before elaborating about the nature of govt spending, the 2009 financial crisis…

I thought the Trump speech was quite dark.  The muscular / nationalistic adjective that comes to mind is ‘Spartan’.  And it’s just too much.  Not like I don’t think we should get control of our immigration situation, but that could be paired with some high-mindedness you figure.  But that’s not who Trump is eh.


One thought on “T+2: Pussy march and other thoughts

  1. pm1956

    Look, you are a classical liberal–someone who is, for the most part (and we all have our blind spots) driven by data and evidence, and who wants the world to become a better place. further, you are someone who actually believes in the idea of progress and improvement over time. You think that we are living in the best time, despite the obvious problems and shortcomings (there was not some fictitious “golden age” in the past). You generally think that progress/improvement will come through change, not by going back to the way things used to be done.

    At their core, both the GOP and the Democratic Party have a classical liberal philosophy. Where they have traditionally disagreed is the extent of the role of the state in social progress. The GOP has been, for the most part, in favor of a more limited state role, although they have always believed in some state role, and they have, over time, accepted a larger and larger role for the state.

    Trump is a different animal. He is still, philosophically, someone who believes in a role for the state–probably more of a Democrat than a Republican on this parameter. But he unabashedly sees a past golden age (Make America Great Again), and kind of wants to turn the clock back, especially on trade. Probably on social mores too, but he wisely tries to tamp this down (certainly his children would not agree with him there). Biggest problem with Trump, from my point of view (and, I think also from yours, but let me know if your disagree) is his temprament. His ego is the yugest thing about him. He is petty and vindictive. He is impulsive. He is incapable of reflective thought. He is incapable of imagining things from another person’s perspective. He thinks that he is the smartest person in the room, at all times, which makes it hard if not impossible for him to learn from other people, much less take advice. He has a hard time admitting that there are things that he does not already know, that he is not an expert on. Given that he has no experience in government, and distrusts experts and people who do not agree with him, I think that the potential for a wasted 4 years is pretty high.


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