Dots w/ jots: T minus 1

Analysis: True To say that ‘America is going to be fine’, he’s got to be in possession of proper wisdoms about the Constitution, checks and balances, and the superlative qualities of America… he’s an American exceptionalist is what he is. I mean it.

Commutations and pardons: I’m all for it. Commute away, Obama.

The unvetted, unqualified Trump cabinet: Hey now, Obama nominated the thoroughly deficient Eric Holder for AG and he was confirmed… This ain’t topping that.

We’re doing the 80’s over: I remember the same lament when Reagan took office…“He’s a warmonger! (…ours was a Democrat household…). We’re not going to have rash nukings borne of Trump’s childish temperament, alright. But my larger point… the current zeitgeist feels like the 80’s.

This news seems kinda fakey: HHS Sec nominee Tom Price’s stock trading: The implication is Price traded in health care stocks and ETFs at a time when there were bills before congress whose passage would impact these businesses… One detail is he bought $10k give or take worth of Zimmer Biomet. You know what that is at prices over the last couple years? Like 100 shares. You know what you profit on $1 worth of price appreciation on 100 shares of stock? Yeah, $100. The man has an 8 figure net worth, he’s not shepherding legislation through congress to goose stocks such that they return a couple hundred or a couple thousand more a year. Nor is he picking stocks based on their ability to return a couple hundred or a couple thousand more a year b/c of congress’ actions. ETFs… same. These are not volatile enough make for an enriching ‘insider trading’ gambit. There’s no way that the explanation for Price’s stock trading is not true, and mundane…

That’s why you got Trump… There’s this line of blaming that says the excesses of Obama gives us Trump. And then maybe its retort, that anti-Obama–ism gave us Trump. Ultimately, with these you’re trying to argue for who Trump can be pinned on, clever-by-half Democrats or deplorable Republicans. I’m not sure ultimately that any a bunch of little butterfly effect blow backs are bigger than the fact the pendulum was just going to swing dislocatingly hard…. But I would pin Trump specifically on the Democrats for the mere fact that they obsoleted the ‘career killing scandal’ for sake of a ‘scandal free’ Obama administration. IRS, Fast and Furious, VA… there were some things that were plenty big and scandal-y, and they were pooh-poohed. Which is why Trump doesn’t get sunk by that fact he gropes women and has a fraudulent for-profit school and doesn’t pay taxes. Republican voters learned by example they could pooh-pooh any and all of it, not be shamed out of not having him be the candidate.


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