MLB deep track: Goltz v. Niekro

ZOMG, MLB deep track, game 163 playoff game, 1980 NL West, Dodgers v Stros, Dave Goltz v Joe Niekro, Uecker and Al Micheals on pxp, Toni Tennille singing the national anthem…

Goltz is from Rothsay, down the way from Fargo… He was the Twins best pitcher in the 1970’s, then was one of baseballs first big money free agents.  I was a ‘fan’ of his as a boy, but as a 10 year old, I had no idea of what it was I was a fan of… was he a power pitcher?  A control artist?

Now I know.  This is probably the only decent telecast of him that made it to archive on youtube.

He was a good pitcher but not a great star.  6’ 4” righthander with a sinker… IE, a plus fastball with some right side run at 92, 93… and a knuckle curve.  This is a common form today, Twins have one of these guys now, say Kyle Gibson.


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