Jots w/ dots 1/13/17

Golden Showers: I’m just some rube software guy with an opinion, and this was a bit of my observation a few days ago. “The poor grammar and shaky spelling plus the author’s use of KGB-style intelligence reporting, however, do not fit the image of a high-end London security company run by highly connected former British intelligence figures.”

Pillow man / Music man. There was a time in my life when I tried fiction writing. Part of the fiction process is writing down story ideas on index cards…I had an idea once about a con man who starts a con, but through serendipity ends up with a successful business venture that helps a bunch of people. Well, you go on in life and read more, and one finds that story / script got written: it’s ‘The Music Man’, staple of so many high school musicals and dinner theater. A grittier treatment would make for a good contemporary movie though, and here’s your ‘based on real events’ protagonist: Guy is a bit of Trump-ist though, which is unappealing. We have a set of these pillows. They are quite alright as pillows go, and his basic insight about the superiority over down pillows seems correct.

I have been meaning to do a post on intersectionalism: I think this is true, and a coming disaster for the Democrats for reasons Linker describes, ie, the overt marriage of the party platform to “identity politics” is going to repel, ya know “normal people”. Another thing though, is this weighing of whose racial grievance is most valid, all based on how badly you’ve been oppressed by the hegemony…. It’s a Marxist class dialectical exercise. Go do that, Democrats, keep right on choosing your destructor …

Eye on Kerri Miller, who I’ve always kind of liked: The call in political radio show is actually kind of dead. I mean, such that we understood this to actually exist in right wing media… by which I mean, these callers to Hannity etc are all fake… actors basically.


2 thoughts on “Jots w/ dots 1/13/17

  1. pm1956

    So what is the image of of a high end London security company? Do you (or the Forbes author) really have an accurate “image”, or is this something based on watching lots of James Bond movies?

    Seriously, this is just personal opinion dressing itself up. Which is fine–I have nothing other than a personal opinion on this matter, but at least I am not pretending otherwise. My personal opinion suggests that this is the kind of thing that Trump would do. Prostitutes and Trump seem to fit together, and he has already established his fascination/disgust with the bathroom habits of women ( ).

    My Pillow. See the story about the deceptive advertising and the “F” rating from the BBB? Personally, have not tried them. I like down pillows. (I also like clam chowder, but, hey…)

    As for the Linker piece on intersectionalism, this made no sense to me at all. Personally, I see no link here to a political party, and no chance that Democrats take this stuff seriously. Although, I have to tell you, this election suggests to me that the GOP is adopting identity politics–white identity politics, focusing on the racial grievances and victimology of whites and Christians who feel oppressed by change, by no longer being in charge. It’s that whole “War on Christmas” thing, over and over again. And, by the way, all kinds of identity politics are anti Marxist, which sees everything as class based. In Marxist terms, anything about gender or race or religion or anything else which is not economic, is garbage analysis.


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