Eye on the Toyota Corolla: Trump tweet

Corolla is the best-selling car in the world, and I can attest why. Insanely reliable transportation, truly earnest effort by an automaker to provide a quality car at a low price. I love the Corolla. I’ll get another if the 05 ever throws a rod or tranny.


I was reading about the car business yesterday… it doesn’t really pay to make value cars like the Corolla in the US…. US auto workers earn too much, they eat into the margins of a value car. So the thing you do is have Ford and GM workers make pickups and SUVs. More margin room there.

Other incongruity or… piece of Trump blindness here…. is Mexicans need jobs too. And if they get them there, in Mexico, presumably there’s less urgency for them to come here and create a downward wage pressure.

We can spare them a Toyota factory that serves our market a bit, ya know.


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