This news looks kinda fakey: the freakout over House GOP “gutting” the House Ethics office

Just saying, I can see the potential of a good reason for some reform.  There’s usually an opposing viewpoint that’s rational to someone eh… like maybe these guys have a rightful critique that the auditors in the ethics office are a bunch of nitpickers, and they want to smack them across the knuckles here, figuratively.  But we are not given any of that reasoning such that the story is constructed to play to the trope of GOP and Trump corruption.  It’s just like, “see, the GOP just wants to go full bribery in the age of Trump.’  Cmon, I doubt that’s the reasoning.

Story detail:  “There was no advance notice or debate on the measure”.

This is misleading.  We’re not talking about a public meeting of congress.  It’s a caucus meeting, and what they decided was they’d put something on the public agenda for the full House, where there will be discussion for the public record.


2 thoughts on “This news looks kinda fakey: the freakout over House GOP “gutting” the House Ethics office

  1. pm1956

    Nothing fake about it (ie, it really did happen).

    Sure, you can try to put a better spin on it, if you want to be defensive and all. Probably the best defense you can come up with is that Ryan was opposed. But spin is not fake, it is interpretation.

    Lots of time at caucus meetings there is advance notice–something is on the agenda, for example, and there has been discussion within the caucus about the measure. This particular reporting suggests that this was not a widely discussed matter among the caucus prior to the meeting. Was that true? Not sure, hard to say, because we don’t know. You can assume that this is misleading if you want, but you certainly do not know that.

    Probably what happened is that Ryan is worried about all of this, and someone in his office leaked the story, with the spin that this was not discussed prior, with the hopes of embarrassing those who are pushing this, and thus defeating it. Ryan sees this measure as embarrassing, and it is less embarrassing if this is seen as a spur of the moment thing, rather than a well considered, widely debated idea that the House GOP is united on. Ryan is hoping that he can spin this as a poorly thought out, heat of the moment thing that, after they have really thought about it, the GOP decided to abandon.

    And now Trump is weighing in, and agreeing with Ryan. Trump understands the optics of this–he is the one most vuln erable to the charges, after all.

    The House GOP won’t end up doing this, now that the glare of the press and the public is watching their actions. Ryan’s spin will win. This was a rookie mistake by House GOP backbenchers, who are overplaying thier hand. Possibly a mini-rebellion against Ryan.


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