Spindle clearing, 12/30/16

Reddit guy marries up I happen to like / love the Williams sisters, I think they are quite alright. This Reddit geek guy snagged himself Serena. http://theweek.com/speedreads/670074/serena-williams-reddit-cofounder-alexis-ohanian-are-engaged

I watched Hail Caesar as part of my Coen appreciation function. Last Wednesday night on HBO Now.  Sophisticated film and literature people do some very complex analysis of Coen movies re their allusions to philosophy and the bible. I believe the consensus is Hail Caesar falls short of other Coen efforts there. I’m not capable of that style analysis… I found the movie pleasant. Coen brothers have the market cornered these days on what you might call high-brow mirth, no one else does it.

I saw Rogue One, thought it was very good.

I watched Goliath on Amazon prime. 8 part series starring Billy Bob Thornton. He’s a lawyer, a fallen lawyer…. So what you got is obviously a law procedural show, but it’s noir because it’s Billy Bob Thornton and he swears a lot. Started OK, but got more ridiculous as it went on as a function of all these trope characters doing what their trope dictates…. Ya know, hooker with heart of gold, etc… Show wrapped up with an awkward anti-corporate allusion to Citizens United. My final discernment is the show kinda sucked.

I’d assume these Sprint jobs are mostly phone / customer service jobs http://www.nytimes.com/2016/12/28/us/politics/donald-trump-sprint-jobs.html?_r=0 No, Trump didn’t save them for the US. Story quote: “Since the election, Sprint shares have risen nearly 40 percent, partly on hopes that it could be acquired by its rival T-Mobile. While antitrust officials under President Obama have been wary of deals in the telecom sector, Mr. Son and investors are hoping the Trump administration might look more favorably on any potential deal.” I saved some money in my 401k over the last 3 years, a nice amount in the lower five figures. Had to roll it out when I changed vendors here last month, put it in an account with one of the great discount brokers of this age. Not going to day trade, just trying to do some value buys in unimpeachable quality stocks a couple times a year. Bought some shares of Verizon cuz its dividend is good and it seems to be at a bottom in its annual range. I had no sense of the broader telecom market, but if Sprint gets bought and we get greater oligopoly that’s probably good for my Verizon shares.


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