This comes back today from one of the gene services.  We have no explanation for the ambient Middle Eastern signal, except that it must be very old.


4 thoughts on “Heterosis

  1. pm1956

    OK, but why? Was there a particular reason for using one of the gene services (checking to see if an old girlfriend’s claim is true ( 😉 ), worrying about a genetic disease, geaneology research, whatever), or was it just for grins?

  2. pm1956

    Interesting. Given that we are all Africans (originally), I do wonder how they manage to come up with the categorizations. Do they go back, say, 100,000 years, and use that as their baseline? or 10,000 years, or 1,000 years? I assume that they have to focus on a number of specific “marker” genes, and make the graph based on those.

    I have a daughter who is getting a PhD in microbiology who spends most of her time doing genetic analysis of various parasites (diseases, etc.). It is amazing just how much the technology has changed, and allows for this kind of inexpensive gene work. They can take a sample of sewage and tell you all of the various pathogens that it contains. Her lab is currently trying to create population maps of pathogens in various major cities across the world, with the idea of eventually comparing those maps to societal data on poverty, disease, economics, incarceration rates, etc. I am constantly amazed at the stuff that is coming in the future!


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