I spotted a bug

I’m contracting at a very prosperous enterprise here in the Twin Cities. Its private, ostensibly an ESOP thing (but probably has some large, legacy family stakeholders…). Multiple hundred million dollar outfit as far as I can tell, and a leader in their industry.

It’s got an e-commerce arm, it sells a variety of products, including apparel. I’m testing / auditing that. Yesterday I say, hey, you’re charging sales tax on apparel in MN. You needn’t be.

Minor freakout on the campus here. It’s better than not collecting and remitting tax, but it’s a problem. If I’m here like 6 months, earn what I earn, I made it worth it in 5 minutes.


One thought on “I spotted a bug

  1. pm1956

    Someone owes you a beer, at least.

    Thing is, you might not actually get thanked for this. Someone should be embarrassed by this thing, and that embarrassment might outweigh any goodwill. I’ll be interested to hear how this plays out.


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