Corrections, 12/14/16

**I appear to have been wrong to give Ted Mondale and Michelle Kelm-Helgen the benefit of the doubt on their suite guests.  It was mostly family, and some business rather than the other way around:

I’m kind of surprised how popular Metallica is with the late baby boomers, BTW.

**Yes, the Russians did it, I’m persuaded


One thought on “Corrections, 12/14/16

  1. pm1956

    Interesting thought experiment–if mondale and Kelm-Hlegen had invited a cross section of legislative leaders, both GOP and DFL, to use the suites (ostensibly to say thank you for voting for this, and to create support for more, similar ventures from the legislature), would they have had the same problem?

    I am guessing not. Perhaps the problem is that there was no obviously discernable reason for them to control these seats other than as a personal perk.

    On the Russia/Tillerson thing: I don’t really have a problem with the nomination of Tillerson. I don’t have a problem with Tillerson being chummy with Putin–indeed, that should, generally, be a good thing. I have a problem with Trump seemingly being so uncritical of Putin and Russia, so my problem would be more with the instructions Trump is likely to give Tillerson. I suspect that most of the GOP senators who are objecting are feeling mostly similar things. Problem is that they really can’t (yet) object to Trump’s policy towards Russia, but they can object to Tillerson. I suspect that Tillerson is going to catch flack for this reason, which is kind of too bad for him, personally. But then, who said life was fair?


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