Some brief declaratives that are not complex enough to be incoherent

It’s true, I’m incoherent, I do feelz it. At least when I try to write long form commentary. It’s like my brain went over the hill at some point in recent years. Perhaps I really didn’t age much in that time… one thing that did happen is, I’m working my ass off these days, can’t sit here and compose in deep thought….

Here’s some scattershot points made in reference to today’s conversations:

1. I think one can be rightfully NOT impressed with Hillary’s popular vote victory of 3M nationally, when she won by 4M in California.

1a. Electoral college is a perfectly fine way to have an election. See “California”.

2. I can’t say it doesn’t appear true that the Russians had a preference for Trump. But it’s not obvious why that would be a hard preference as a matter of logic, such that the Obama govt wasn’t very formidable in opposing Russian mischief. They could rightfully assume Clinton would be similarly un-assertive.

3. The DNC hack, such as it was, seems to have been a mundane phish job on Podesta himself. It’s not actually intuitive Russia and its KGB would have done that rather than the ‘hacker community’, which does actually have an affinity for Assange and Wikileaks.

4. Keith Ellison – it’s obvious he thinks Dems will seek another charismatic Black man for its 2020 nominee, and he might very well be right there.

4a. Keith Ellison has zero chance of being the charismatic Black man the Dems pick (I’d say because his charisma is as big an act as his religiosity…)

5. I disapprove of the national GOP caucuses flirtation with Social Security reform. This isn’t needed and won’t end well.

6. I think the GOP could repeal the Obamacare individual mandate and Cadillac tax for now, and this would appease the rabid dogs in the party without the near term upheaval a complete repeal would  create.

7. Chris Coleman – credible gov candidate, but my sense is it’s an uphill battle for him.


One thought on “Some brief declaratives that are not complex enough to be incoherent

  1. pm1956

    1. Electoral College. I think that it is an anachronism, and we’d be better off without it. That said, if we had had direct popular vote election for President, there is still no guarantee that Hillary would have won. Both Trump and Hillary would have campaigned differently. As it was, neither of them spent any time in California, because winning votes in California was a wasted effort by Trump, and overkill by Hillary. With a national popular vote election, they would both spend time in California, because there are a lot of votes there, and none of them would be wasted. All in all, it would be better for the country, and there is no indication at all that it would favor one party over another. It would penalize small states in sparsely populated areas (dakotas, hawaii, alaska, montana), but not small states in densely populated areas (vermont, new hampshire, rhode island, delaware).

    2. It is clear that Russia would (and did) prefer Trump. Trump has projects in Russia, and gets much of his financing from Russian banks (he is too risky for US banks to ever lend him $$). They have levers on him. Look at his nominee for Sec of State–a known russian fan. Furhter, Hillary was known as a Russian hawk–she wanted to tighten the screws. Trump campaigned on getting rid of sanctions and letting Russia have Crimea, as well as getting rid of NATO. And he still says things like that.
    3. Further, getting in a useful idiot like Trump is a win for the Russians. This is already serving to divide the GOP–witness the fight between GOP senate and Trump about investigating this. Trump is going to be a weak president who will be making lots of rookie mistakes (like getting ionto a fight with China, cutting back trade relations with close allies like Mexico and Canada, etc.).

    4. Apparently Russia also hacked RNC, and did not release any of that information. And the Podesta thing was only part of the hacking of the DNC.

    5. Keith Ellison is an ass. I have no idea how religious he might be (as an athiest, I think that all religious people are sort of stupid, but I generally assume they are genuine about their beliefs), but that hardly matters. He is an ass no matter what. That said, I can’t imagine why he’d want the DNC chair position. He’d be terrible at it. And there is no upside–it certainly won’t lead to something bigger (never6.

    6. The GOP would be fools to touch either Social Security or .Medicare. But, then, they might well be fools.

    7. I think that the GOP actions on Obamacare are also going to backfire on them. No matter what they do, they are going to cause problems with people getting health insurance, and there will be stories on top of stories about the GOP taking away people’s medical coverage. This won’t end well for them.

    8. Coleman is a credible candidate, but he is one of at least a dozen. How much money can he raise? And, I think that the Dems are going to try to pull off a Trump–find a non politico with deep pockets, and maybe a celebrity to boot. And I keep hearing Klobuchar’s name being dropped . (although I can’t imagine why)


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