Meat eater: Eye on Red Cow

New tag here: meat eater. I like my meats: ribeye steaks, little sizzler sausages, chicken wings…

I’d heard good things about Red Cow, mostly on the radio sports talk shows. Tried them out last summer when me and the 12 year old went to the Twins game, and frequented the Red Cow stand in upper deck center field.

Their burgers had the look of being perhaps alarmingly raw… but we didn’t get sick. Or at least I didn’t.

In 1978 or so my grandmother Dorothy took me to Met Stadium for a Twins game, vs. Yankees. She was a baseball person, she wanted to see Reggie Jackson, who was the greatest player in the sport at the time.

She kept me topped up on ice cream, hot dogs, and soda pop that evening, and I did throw up. I did the same with my youngest there this summer, and he ended up throwing up.

So I don’t think it was the Red Cow. They were kinda raw-ish, but pretty darn tasty. I mean to get into one of their locations for a better burger, but they do seem to be a west suburbs thing and I don’t hang in the west suburbs much.


One thought on “Meat eater: Eye on Red Cow

  1. pm1956

    Been to Red Cow, liked it, haven’t been back for a while because there are soo many good burger plaaces around, and I don’t like the crowds/parking hassles.

    Last time I was at that Green Mill was last summer. Had tried to get into the new Giordano’s, and there was a 2 hour wait. No line at all at Green Mill. That is why they are closing. Probably able to sell the building for a lot of $$$.


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