The Russkies did not do this….

Thing is, on the Monday morning after ‘grab them by the pussy’ gate, it was very reasonable to think Trump was going to win that conservative stripe starting at Montana and ending at TX… maybe some southern states…. And that’s it.  And then he’d have a Barry Goldwater / Mike Dukakis style defeat.  That’s what I thought, and it was not far-fetched.  It was rational.

Didn’t happen.  And such that it didn’t it was a lot of things that pushed Trump over the top.  And such that ‘grab them by the pussy-gate’ didn’t destoy him, neither did the Russkies save him.  There were bigger currents in motion.  The change dynamic basically, that scorecard that one of those prescient professors out there has made.  Scorecard said, the challenger was going to win based on the various environmental factors of this moment… It was true, it was infallible.

So there wasn’t really a way Hillary Clinton was going to win this, closeness of the race not withstanding.  Hindsight reveals it was an almost impossible task.  Democrats could have nominated a better candidate for sure, but the ‘small c’ conservative way to bet was to nominate Clinton, and there was some intuitive wisdom there that was hard to deviate from.  But other D candidate would have been face in a headwind also.

Lefties can choose honestly to not be tormented by this, to not beat themselves up over this, to not blame the Russian, to accept….


2 thoughts on “The Russkies did not do this….

  1. pm1956

    No one has said that the Russkies did this. What the CIA has said (and all other US intelligence agencies agree) is that the Russians tried to INLFUENCE the US election. The initial (and more cautious) inference was that the Russians were trying to undermine US democracy, and to undercut support for Hillary Clinton. The CIA now believes that the Russians were trying to create a particular outcome–a Trump victory. The CIA has not said that the Russian efforts led to a Clinton loss. As far as I can tell, no one (credible) has said this.

    That said, your post is fairly incoherent. Seriously, as an engineer, you should know that no model ever determines an outcome. Models are never infallible, and this election was extremely close. It was never an impossible task. Bottom line is that Hillary underperformed Obama 2008. If she had done as well, she would have won. That is not an impossible task by any means.

    1. pm1956

      “The estimated 137.3 million ballots surpassed the 2008 election as the largest number of votes ever cast for president. With 62.9 million votes, Trump received more votes than any other Republican candidate in history, whereas Clinton received the third most votes ever with 65.7 million, behind Obama’s 2008 and 2012 totals.”

      from:,_2016 ;

      so she got more votes than Trump, but fewer votes than Obama did in either 2008 or 2012.


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