Joad watch: Those Joads were real conservatives, not like the whiny white working class of today….

Says George Will:

Joad watch here at Zingy is a function of my family origins, as I have described before, being meaningfully “Joad-ian”. IE, some of my peoples were in the1920’s and 30’s compelled by economic circumstances to leave the farms and come to big city Minneapolis / St. Paul. Just like the Joads leaving OK and going to CA eh… Really, I think that’s truthfully analogous, that’s the big thing of the time I think Grapes of Wrath describes.

Will thinks that is conservative behavior because it’s the self-reliant / self- responsible thing to do when your economic chips are down out in the country… And that this self-reliance is not what the underemployed Trumpkins are doing these days when they cheer on Trump and his protectionism.

I don’t disagree, but I kinda think ‘trade’ was merely additive to a few other things that got Trump elected. And that trade may not have been as important as the culture war stuff.

Anyway…ideologically I remain in support of free trade as it goes out of fashion here with Republicans. At this moment, I am not really intrigued why it is going out of fashion with Republicans. It is what it is, an intuitive populist instinct. What I do wonder at is how it was that Democrats got hoisted on the petard of free trade. Thing is, trade barriers are a tax to nudge / shove commerce in various directions, and for the sake of some kind of economic equality no less. Democrats love that kind of tax. But they haven’t loved it on trade. That’s a dissonant thing.


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