Trump’s impending corruption, pt II

So we’re speculating that Trump’s future level of corruption is wind farms not going up by his golf courses and his children being aggrandized…

The tales of Clinton corruption that were persuasive in the last year were say the Russian uranium deal, the Moroccan ‘visit’ for cash, and maybe say Bill’s no work job for Laureate U that probably served to keep federal regulators away from that company:

Add to that, you had Chelsea getting $1M/yr jobs she wasn’t qualified for and her husband getting tens of millions for a hedge fund that he wasn’t qualified to run..

Those examples are, I think, qualitatively equivalent to what we might expect the Trumps to indulge in. They are qualitatively equivalent to “I’m POTUS, don’t put wind farms by my golf course”. If not even more compelling examples of non-cash bribe indulgences

This kind of stuff didn’t disqualify the Clinton’s, so…. I’m not persuaded it’s a big deal.

It remains that I think Trump is a bad person of little wisdom, and things could go somewhat ‘bad’ in the next four years. But it won’t be because of a new tolerance for ambient corruption.


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