The hypothetical Trump corruption / self-dealing / kleptocracy assumption….

…is, I would grant, a sensible guess in the abstract. EG, we all know as truth that Trump is greedy, venal, and amoral…. so it follows that we can assume he will use the Presidency to enrich himself.

I have my doubts that’s actually a good assumption, even with Trump being an awful man. I mean, what’s he going to do, take bribes? No one ‘takes bribes’ in DC, the era of the suitcase full of cash has passed into history.

The other worry is what, special interests are going patronize his businesses, ie, rent his hotel rooms? Meh.


3 thoughts on “The hypothetical Trump corruption / self-dealing / kleptocracy assumption….

  1. pm1956

    Look, greed is one of Trump’s defining values. He is a classic “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” kind of guy. And a lot of people will want to scratch the back of the President of the US. And he will make decisions based on this back scratching. He won’t be accepting suitcases full of cash, but he will find that there won’t be any windfarms near his golf course in Scotland, for example. And his kids will get all sorts of sweetheart deals.

    And, basically, the GOP is going to be complicit in this. What makes all of this possible is that we don’t get to look at his taxes, we do not see what his holdings are, and he is not going to divest himself of those holdings and put it in a blind trust.

    I have been following what has happened in South Africa very closely. Basically, it is a process called “state capture”, where the President, Jacob Zuma, has allied himself with a very wealthy Indian family (the Gupta’s), and the Gupta’s are playing a huge role in selecting cabinet ministers and then find themselves winning government tenders for all sorts of business.

    Trump isn’t there, by any means, yet. But we are well on our way in that direction.


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