Philando:  The charges

For justice, I’m looking for a manslaughter conviction and no less than a $6 million settlement from Saint Anthony and Falcon Heights.  I’ve said that among the things I’ve said about this:

Cop Yanez got charged with manslaughter.  That’s half the battle.   Now, there’s a bit of pessimism about getting the conviction given the presumptions that cops are granted.  I don’t see it that way here.  The shooting was just so incompetent, so bad, that the only way cop presumptions overshadow the incompetence is through bad lawyering by the prosecutors.  And I don’t think we’re going to see bad lawyering from the prosecutors, won’t see them lay down.

One thing is, we’re going to have an adjudicated discussion about what it means for a cop’s fears to be reasonable, and the actions made from his fears to be reasonable.

This is basically a first, and I have my doubts that given the opportunity, a jury actually gives the okee dokee to a cop who shoots compliant man who hasn’t shown his gun.

Now, he could be acquitted, or there could be a hung jury, no doubt.  But there are details of negligence that are going to go on the public record in any event, and a criminal trial for Yanez means St. Anthony and Falcon Heights and the League of Cities (the insurer) will settle an enormous civil claim rather than see that go to civil court.


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