Nose to a new grindstone

I had been on a contract gig at a little software shop on 494 and France since Sept 2015.  It was good, went well, and for many reasons it was because it was a company with their act together and a good product.  Well, it’s not just when times are bad that the contractors get let go.  They are pre-IPO now, and wanted to shed some expense for the investment bankers.  Me and some colleagues had expected to be there until spring, but on 10/18 we got notice they would let us go on 10/31.

Sooooo….. Update the LinkedIn, update the Dice….  Phone then rang a lot, but most of it was low potential stuff, IE, Indian recruiters working in various metropolitan American boiler rooms, they asking to submit you for Twin Cities IT contractor requisitions that they have no on-the-ground salesmanship to actually get interviews for.

I did get a couple good, quality calls from local people.  Had two interviews.  One was for a very traditional corporate thing…. Insurance.  I had a strong interview, though they asked me to write a SQL join out on paper and I couldn’t do it.  I didn’t try to bluff though, just said…  I can’t do that.    They still might have hired me, but it was $5/hr less than I’d been making.    That’s around $1000 a month paycut hey.  I’m trying to pay taxes, fund retirement, and live normally here hey….you take less, you got to shorten one of those legs on the three legged stool.  I was going to say no if I actually got a callback.

So, this rate thing gets to be a hard needle to thread when you’re at the right end of the bell curve for what you do…I could have gotten more interviews at intermediate rates.  But it also seemed to be a slow moment for projects as we near the end of yearly budgets, and people assume a light work month in Nov and Dec with its holiday breaks.

I’m not working 1st week of Nov… I do a lot of honey-dos.  2nd week, I do quite a few phone calls on Mon-Wed.  But then, I get a call on Wed, set up a face to face for Thurs with a married couple that has their own SW engineering practice ….  I do the interview Thurs with them.  I’m solid and we find we know the same people, and…. All the people they know are people who would think pretty well of me, thank God.   They need a solid guy pronto because they were called in to straighten out something pronto.   They offer me job right there to start Monday, offer me the rate I want.  Done.

Like I’ve said before, I understand all the granular networking and credibility principles that allow for this to happen.  I’m astonished I attained it at times, but I am old, have been at it a while now…. going to be 48 next week.

Anyway, did it again, found another gig with not much idleness in between (9 days of paid work missed this time).  At this point I’ve gone since 2009 without going more than 3 weeks without a gig.


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