Exurban bedroom community rocked by post election violence

I happen to live in what’s probably among the 5 or 6 oldest neighborhoods in Minnesota.  Hudson was settled in 1839.  Directly across the river in MN territory were some bucolic hardwood savannah type spots that were easily clearable… this neighborhood, old Exurban Bedroom Community, was settled well before Minnesota became a state. House down the street from mine dates exactly to statehood I guess, 1858.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_T._Cyphers_House  The Wikipedia picture might as well have been taken yesterday, it’s accurate.   Which is to say, the house there is in fact old, and is in fact kind of a shithole.

In the old neighborhood here, you not by coincidence also got a very old city hall… 100 years old or more.  While cute and antebellum from the outside, it too is to be properly understood as a shithole.  So this most recent mayor and council committed to build a modern, 2400 sq foot building to house city functions.  They were to spend $650k or so, and the city had the money, did not have need to finance.

Seems a good value, seems sensible enough.  But we have a local gadfly whose overt patriotism act is married to an equally flamboyant exhortation for Rockwell-ian small town life.  This gadfly fellow didn’t want to see the old city hall mothballed and torn down, wanted to see it refurbed with the $600k (even though the new building was a done deal).  Call it a preservationist sentiment, call it what you will, it has its adherents.  The fellow had not much difficulty organizing a council slate to run behind his mayoral campaign, with their only plank that they were going to keep the old city hall.

And they won.

And then someone in this ‘preservationist’ gadfly cabal burned the new city hall down.


The intemperateness here I’d say was borne of Trumpism…. It’s not unrelated.  Its correlated if not caused.



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