The Dems electoral problem, pt 2: rust belt gunnies who might have voted (D)

Down voting at 7am on Tuesday, directly in line in front of me was a vigorous looking guy, about 20-22 years old, in an NRA cap and T shirt.  There’s an idiom for that: wearing it on his sleeve.  Kid was there to vote Trump because of what it meant to gun rights.  Not obvious (to me) a young fella like that would be there with such urgency otherwise.

I don’t like Michael Moore, right…  I always thought he pretended to be a laborite and Berrigan bro Catholic to distract from his love of Stalinism.  Well… he’s got a pretty articulate, empathetic record of describing the white male rust belt voter in the last 12 months… and he apparently explicitly said some time ago by now, Trump would carry WI, MI, OH, and PA and be elected.

Moore was talking mainly economics as voter issue.  These rust belt white guys certainly do have economic concerns, but the Venn overlap to gun ownership is very strong also.

So, Trump’s edge in WI, MI, OH, and PA didn’t exceed some tens of thousands, maybe low tens of thousands, in each state, right.   A Democrat candidate could have peeled off a meaningful amount of votes there by taking the Sanders tone and position on guns…  A Democrat candidate would have to understand the necessity to do so however, and that relies a great deal on a recognition that you’re not going to get turnout like Barrack Obama.

It’s just to say, the Democrats embrace of gun control continues to be foolish, you’re talking a minority in the party itself that actually supports it…. Let it go, not that there’s anything to pursuit now anyway.


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