I do but I don’t understand the LGBT freakout over Trump

Ya know, Trump is at best “extraordinarily racially insensitive” right.  I get it.

But he’s been very credible as a guy who has no gay phobia in his mind, and seems to be a supporter of gay marriage.  This includes his line in his speech at the convention where he said he was “happy to see” that the Trumpists weren’t going to challenge him on having a gay inclusive GOP.

I suppose it’s that the LGBT people feel the more retrograde or Christian elements of the party are going to be empowered to refight those battles.  I don’t think that’s going to be the way it goes really.  Now, the LGBT people may lose court cases coming up on right to choose on bathrooms… but I really don’t think that would be the prudes leading us back to Victorianism…Different angle, but I liked this guy’s piece



One thought on “I do but I don’t understand the LGBT freakout over Trump

  1. pm1956

    The thing that I am having the hardest time “getting” about this election is that i think that there is a disconnect between Trump himself and Trump’s supporters.

    The LGBT thing you point out is an example. On a personal level, there is nothing to suggest that Trump is particularly retrograde on this issue–he is probably very enlightened for a quasi Republican, and far more comfortable than his supporters. Yet I think that his supporters seem to view Trump as a bulwark against this kind of change that they don’t like and fear. Or maybe a bulwark against being made to feel guilt or shame about the fact that they are uncomfortable with the idea of transgender people (to play on the theme of the article you posted).

    Similarly, a large theme of Trump supporters is resentment against the elites, but, of course, Trump is a member of those elites, and he clealry is not particularly comfortable rubbing shoulders with the white working class (a germaphobe who doesn’t drink? At least he likes fast food, but still….).

    So Trump’s supporters see Trump as standing for something that Trump clearly does not personally embody.

    And by pointing this out to Trump supporters, I am being an elitist and telling them that they are stupid.

    This is why cynicism and irony are so popular.


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