And what happened was, the Democrat party was diminished into a regional rump party…

Mentioned Denis McDonough here before.  He’s from Stillwater, he’s around my age.  I know one of his brothers a little, some of my friends know the McDonough’s quite a bit better.

So when he was elevated to COS at the WH, this was a cool thing, and what you talk about among friends in town is… what a rock star essentially.  How cool is that huh?….  One of the guys who does have conversions with the family did throw in this detail at the time a few years ago…. WH-COS is a 100 hour a week job, and part of what makes it so at the Obama WH is he’s also constantly dealing with CAP.

Ya know, Center for American Progress.

From the outside, CAP is an altruistic lefty public policy think tank right.  That’s what I thought it was, for years.  So, then the WH – CAP relationship maybe stands to reason..

But Wikileaks gives us an inside look, that’s not what CAP actually is.  What CAP really does is maintain a nomenklatural list of people resources that are aligned and can be assigned political / propaganda tasks in furtherance of a broader movement.  And that broader movement was not liberalism or the Democrat party.  That broader movement was the Clintons.  CAP is a Clinton joint.

It was always very odd to me that having properly wrested the party from the Clinton’s, Barack Obama gave it back to them.  Maybe there was no one else credible to turn it over to.


One thought on “And what happened was, the Democrat party was diminished into a regional rump party…

  1. pm1956

    You need to hold on and remember back just a short time ago, when it was the GOP that was leaderless and bereft of any future prospects…..

    All of this handwringing is shortsighted. There are plenty of Democratic leaders. Trust me, it won’t be long before pundits and journalists start writing about people like Amy Klobuchar, who will be considered one of the future leaders of the party. As a woman from the Iron Range, she will be one of the naturals. There will also be a big focus on Latino Democrats (Julian Castro, for one).

    These stories are just another example of horse race journalism. As soon as Trump starts with solid proposals for his priorities and cabinet, journalists will start the articles about what a clusterfuck his transition is. After he is inaugurated and it becomes obvious that the entire GOP in the House and Senate are not completely on the same page (when things take longer to accomplish than projected, which will be inevitable), there will be articles on the divisions among the GOP, and how Trump is tearing it apart.

    Put it all in perspective and be aware our your own bandwagon tendencies. we all have them,


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