Note for posterity:  Sunday 11/6 was one of the most sublime days ever in these parts

For me, anyway.

With the time change we got an hour… Did a bunch of chore stuff and got finished at like 2 and there was still much of the sublime November 70 degree day left.

Played catch with the 12 year old for about an hour later in the day.  He isn’t necessarily enthusiastic about doing this with say vid games as an alternative, but I tell him… we’re doing it for me, not for you… and I’m the boss.

He does play, but he’s a beginner.  We skipped T ball and coach pitch ball…. Just cuz, my kids didn’t appear to ‘get’ baseball…  But I did put the 12 year old into a league this year… Because I love baseball, and I thought he might love it, and I thought he was probably capable of playing the game but needed to start soon, and I had plenty of insight to give…

It went fine.  12 year olds in these parts play on a field with say 75 ft bases and a 45 foot mound, and its player pitch.  He didn’t hit much (lots of strikeouts), but was a fine fielder.

He went through summer with a bit of a wispy arm and sloppy ball release out of the hand… this is the way little kids throw.  His peers on the team were more advanced.

On Sunday I see his arm coming around with a look of that proper whip action.  I set him up to throw balls to me like a pitcher.  Told him to show his back to me like Luis Tiant would, then his arm would come through last and have elongation and be a whip and the balls would have speed on them.

He mastered it.  On to rotator cuff exercises for the kid.


One thought on “Note for posterity:  Sunday 11/6 was one of the most sublime days ever in these parts

  1. pm1956

    Yes, it was a great day, and absolutely yes to the rotator cuff exercises! Know too many friends with rotator cuff injuries. I play tennis, and have always done rotator cuff exercises, and never had any problems. Simple, and once you make a habit of them (especially if you start early), a great way to prevent a debilitating injury.


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