Derision 2016: I’ll take an Evan McMuffin

I couldn’t get there on Hillary.  She doesn’t deserve to win.

I voted for McMullin.  Maybe he can make something of a coherent movement out of a meaningful vote total.

In the exurban bedroom community here, line was pretty deep and ready to vote at 7 am.  I would imagine it was a 60/40 or 65/35 Trump crowd.  Pretty strong plurality in this spot, yes, but margins like this in places like this don’t make up for the Democrat vote in the cities.

So despite being muddled in the last day I see the mechanical logic of Hillary’s inevitable victory.

No biggie.  Never mind its defeat, I don’t the Republicans could survive a Trump victory.  The country goes on, it would be hard for Hillary to run and win in 2020.


One thought on “Derision 2016: I’ll take an Evan McMuffin

  1. pm1956

    Just finished voting in Mpls. Apparently, already have a 50% turnout ( (I was number 489 out of about 1000 in my precinct: very high, and does not include early voting).

    I think Hillary wins today. I have a very hard time imagining her winning in 2020 for a variety of reasons.

    I do think that Trump has been bad for the GOP party, but I think that a Trump victory would be worse for the GOP than a Trump loss (I think that he would be an absolute disaster as President, and his ideas about who he would appoint to his cabinet are indicative of just how much of a disaster he would have been).


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