Father knows best: Halloween

The 15 year old is one of these wry irony guys.  He asked me, a person with credit cards and eBay accounts, if he could buy:

  • A Donald Trump mask
  • A ‘Pepe was framed’ T shirt

I was initially inclined to see some daylight on the Trump mask thing…. If it was a party among friends, yes, but do not wear in public.  But then I was like, I don’t want to spend money on that.

So it was no and no.


One thought on “Father knows best: Halloween

  1. pm1956

    Heh. I think that a Trump mask would be sorta fun, but i understand what you are saying.

    I’d stay away from the T-shirt, however–too much possibility of people taking it seriously and getting (justifiably/righteously) offended. I thinkthat it is great he is into and understands irony, but he also needs to understand that there are a lot of people that do not (or will pretend that they do not, to make a point).

    As m uch as i hate to point this out (or to even imply that there is some sort of equivalency, which I do not think exists), white guys need to have “the talk” with their white sons about being culturally sensitive and irony, and about how easily these things can be misinterpreted by others. Yes, I am talking about being PC and the perils associated with appearing to violate those standards, but it is much better for you to have that talk with him than some official.


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