Jots w/ dots 10/24/16

Curt Schilling:  not yet giving pitching lessons down at the local batting cage for $50/ half hour.

Zingy note IV on the coming of Trump TV:  When Trump gets landslided, that’s a signal contrary to this notion there’s a big, prosperous audience out there to be captured.

Widely Praised: SNL’s Doug the Trump Supporter on Black Jeopardy.  I too thought it was a poignant piece of work.

Why won’t anyone admit America is in 5 wars?  I’m sure things would be different if there were a Republican president.

Un-integrated refugees

I think the young fellas there have a problem of not knowing what they don’t know…. which is a problem a lot people have.  But specifically, it’s that there’s a path to prosperity through the trades.  I’d tell these guys to go to machining school.


2 thoughts on “Jots w/ dots 10/24/16

  1. pm1956

    Did you see Schilling asking Jake Tapper about the Jews and their support for Israel? talk about tone deaf….

    But TrumpTV doesn’t need a large audience to make $$–Fox News is ecstatic when they get 2 million viewers (O’Reilly sometimes gets 3 million, nad he is a huge hit….on cable tv). All of those people buy gold and silver and catherters and scooters and are willing to send $10 in every week to keep America safe from Liberals and to learn Trump’s secrets to making $$ in real estate. . A small, dedicated audience (who think that the elections are rigged, etc) would be more than enough to keep the Trump kids in chiuahuas for the rest of their lives.

    I agree on the 5 wars thing. Trump started out looking like he’d get us out of some of those wars, , but ended up being more and more bellicose. This was one of the areas where he became more and more mainstream GOP, which was too bad.

  2. W.E. Peterson Post author

    I did see Schilling re Tapper. That’s just another thing where he reaches a new level of pathetic ness every time there’s occasion for his name to pop up.

    He’s pathetic, shockingly pathetic at this point.


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