What is the deal exactly with the Clintons and Haiti

If true, this ought to be disqualifying for a POTUS candidate.


But… it’s Dinesh D’Souza, and the GOP nominated Trump…. so, no biggie.

Is it true though? Or an overstatement of mundane things….

I expect we’ll find out in the near future.  People talk about Trump not going quietly after the election and there being all this ruckus…  A thing is, though they do it now with Trump as GOP nominee, I don’t think the press naturally feels an inclination to be a defender of Hillary Clinton.  In a non-campaign setting, yes, the press defends Barack Obama…. They don’t actually have that same love for Hillary though, loving Hillary doesn’t provide an affirmation of a mainstream journalist’s basic goodness like it does with Obama.  So once she’s POTUS, we might see a din of these seemingly credible charges that didn’t get explored when they came out of conservative media during the campaign.  Ya know, there’s going to be prestige and awards to be won…

That’s your discord for 2017.



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