Bob Dylan is worthy of some type of immortal recognition

A Nobel prize in literature fits the bill, whether Bob is literature or not.

I like Bob.  Maybe the idea of Bob more so than the music, but I find his music pleasant no doubt.  Bob doesn’t always grab me like some of my favorite hair metal, but thats a problem of my own taste…

My folks were not hippies… cuz they didn’t wander the country jobless in a VW van… but they were genuinely hip 60’s kids, and properly participated in much of the 60’s zeitgeisty things one might.  So, they had Dylan records, and they played them well into the middle 1970’s.  Subterranean Homesick Blues was a staple of my early youth.

I did a scholastic quarter in England in 1992, and it was a big deal for me to have bought the double CD “Bob Dylan and the Band: Before the Flood” at Virgin records in London.  Even though I could have bought it at Musicland at Maplewood Mall no doubt

I spun up a Pandora station for Bob Dylan the other day.  Sometimes the way this works is, one of these stations doesn’t actually play a lot of the artist you pick, its more of a genre focus.  And this was the case here.  Did hear Girl from the North Country with Dylan and Cash.  That grabbed me.

Dylan doesn’t entertain conversations about himself right….  I doubt he’s shy, really.  I bet it’s that thinking about himself pollutes the quest for truth and beauty, and he knows that.

I like this out of Hibbing



One thought on “Bob Dylan is worthy of some type of immortal recognition

  1. pm1956


    I think the whole debate about what Dylan’s writing is (literature? poetry? music?) is kind of silly. He did something new, which crosses the boundaries that were established many decades before he was born. It is the boundaries that need to be changed, because, as Dylan noted, the times they are a changing.

    (sorry, couldn’t resist that)


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