It will be fine after Hillary wins

We got a genre of near futurist speculation going right now that says the Trumpists will tear the country apart after he loses. This is the type:

Relax, people. A couple basic assumptions that need to be true for this to happen are wrong.

Such that a key feature of these scenarios is Trump starting a cable network, let’s recall: he’s not rich enough to start a real cable network and he’s incompetent. Ya know, maybe he could do what Beck did and put together a niche streaming media company, but I doubt it. Trump ain’t got the brains, or money, or energy of a younger man to do it. And he can’t appropriate Fox, they are going to wash their hands of him, I don’t think even Hannity will hang on to Trump.

The other assumption is the Trumpists are going to roam the country in armed, racist / insurrectionist mobs… No, that’s not going to happen. For so many reasons.


One thought on “It will be fine after Hillary wins

  1. pm1956

    I agree with you that all will be fine.

    I do think that Trump TV is a real possibility, particularly if the new bosses (Murdoch’s sons), decide to go with people like Megyn Kelly and Shep Smith. I think that that fracturing of cable news based on political points of view is going to continue–why not out flank Fox to the right?
    But that dynamic (the fracturing of the right/GOP) is at odds with the idea of a unified, radicalized right wing. There are always crazies, but they will continue to be on the fringes. Trump will become marginalized over time. He’ll make a lot of $$ from the buffoons who will watch him and continue to send in contributions, etc. This is part of the dynamic of the right–create a sense of grievance and get those people to send you $$ as you pretend to represent their point of view. The same model as the televangelists, Dr. Ben Carson, Karl Rove, etc. Richard Viguerie ( the direct mail king) was the one who started it all, and got very rich off of Ronald Reagan’s followers.


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