Real locker room talk

Somewhat part and parcel of what I was saying. Athletes say, not locker room talk.

I haven’t been in a locker room since high school. I played amateur baseball as an adult for 17 seasons. With that, you undress and dress and put your spikes on in the dugout. That’s the locker room.

There is ribald and course banter during this ritual there. With a lot of young, single men in adult man sports, plenty of the banter has to do with women and the mating ritual. This is intuitive. Such that this ritual occurs a lot in bars, a lot of the banter is a review of the most recent nights drinking and how much luck one might have had.

Sometimes one might have had the luck to have had a wild, one night romantic escapade, that which can be the basis for regale. Most of the time, what you’re talking about is your hangover, and how foul all that beer has made your ass as you stand there in your tighty whities on Saturday morning getting ready for the game.

That’s your locker room talk, IE, finding the most extravagant way to describe the farts you’re all expelling, trying to find the most extravagant way to describe the state one of the guys may have left the porta potty moments before.

Locker room talk is course, ribald bodily function talk generally, some of which might include sex. Its not Trump’s riff to Billy Bush about pussy grabbing.

I don’t sense Trump as a ‘locker room’ guy, such that he’s understood as a Howard Hughes type germaphobe.


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