MacArthur and Patton, not actually spinning

My mother was a very fine history major. I have a very good history brain myself. My 12 year old has ‘it’, and his thing is WW2 history to the present say, with a real fascination for the cold war. He wants to understand the cold war, diplomacy, and real politik with the granularity of a professional CIA Kremlinologist. He asks me a lot of questions, and I give long answers from memory. We have covered MacArthur and Korea, and we watched Patton on Amazon last week.

So yeah, MacArthur and Patton…. They are not actually spinning in their graves at Hillary’s foolhardiness. Both those guys were aggressive to a fault, even though they might have got away with it most of the time. MacArthur did not get away with it eh, in Korea he drove an assault to the Chinese border and provoked the Chinese to come in and push him back…. Then wanted to go nuclear.

I’m an Eisenhower man. Boring Eisenhower.


2 thoughts on “MacArthur and Patton, not actually spinning

  1. pm1956

    I have 2 great book suggestions for you: “Eisenhower’s Lieutenants”, by Russell Weigley, and “The Admirals”, by William Borneman.

    I generally agree with you about the relative worth of MacArthur/Patton on the one hand and Eisenhower on the other. But i would put to you that the greater genius was with Marshall and Stimson (Secretary of War) who managed to juggle all of these personalities. (of course, Eisenhower was extremely close to marshall, which is why marshall put him in charge in Europe).


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