Ken Bone does not engage in ‘locker room talk’

Others might see things more obvious, but I have a Marxist, class dialected objection to Trump’s characterization of his thing there as ‘locker room talk’. Trump obviously believes his own BS, but the language is consciously deployed to imply there’s a universal red-blooded American boys will be boys cultural framework undergirding that makes talk of ‘pussy grabbing’ normal, understandable, and forgivable.

It fails there, is a lie, because it’s not actually universal. In adulthood, most of us American men do not have a twice weekly squash or golf game at the club where we can regale the other jerks with tales of our romantic mastery. And understand, it’s not actually that the boolean evaluation there rests on whether most American men have literal access to a locker room where they can have ‘locker room talk’ with the other guys. It’s that being able to engage in the misogyny that makes for the Trump kind of ‘locker room talk’ comes from a pursuit of sexual leisure without repercussions that only a certain kind of wealthy, prime of life, captain of industry Alpha male type can reliably achieve.

Now, the local plant executive has groped the secretary and then told the fellas that she wanted it. That has happened of course. But those guys commonly get litigated into good behavior and get divorced. Trump doesn’t get litigated into good behavior, and with his wealth and celebrity ya figure he’s scored plenty with pageant contestants or other sycophants who just followed into the hotel room and put out. He’s rich, he’s a celebrity… there are women who will sleep with him merely because he pursued them when that’s not the case for regular men. That’s our world.

So, recounting that and all the ‘pussy grabbing’…. This isn’t ‘locker room talk’ that most any American man understands as normal. It’s as I say unique to a certain bro subset that because of wealth and status can pursuit concierge sexual leisure without repercussions. Who’s another good example? Let’s say…. Bill Clinton.

I’d grant that it’s an easy call that Bill Clinton is a quite a better man then Donald Trump. It’s not however obvious that he’s much less a misogynist in the exact Trump way. He’s clearly used his status to pursuit concierge sexual leisure outside of marriage. The Juanita Broderick episode, such that one guesses it’s true… with ‘true’ being a reasonable way to bet…. comes from an understanding you’re a man who can pull a woman into a hotel room and have sex with her, and that she’ll very more than likely do it and let it slide. I notice the pun now, It’s not intended, but its fantastic use of idiom.

Anyway…. Yeah, the Trump pussy grabbing ought to be disqualifying…. Bill Clinton ought to have been disqualified, Hillary ought to be disqualified now because of Bill Clinton if liberals weren’t allowed to be hypocrites…. Whatever.

One day you’re just ignoring the election, the next you have a keen understanding who Ben Bush is. Go figure.


2 thoughts on “Ken Bone does not engage in ‘locker room talk’

  1. pm1956

    Not at all. There are a couple of differences herethat are really impoertant.

    First, Lets assume that you are right about Bill Clinton–it is possible to construc a case that he and Trump are equivalent–but Bill Clinton is not running for President. And Hillary’s behavior is in no way equivalent or disqualifying. Further, Trumps suggestion that she supported bil’s behavior is completely unproven.

    Second, Trump’s behavior is actually worse than Bill’s–Trump is boasting about it. Further, Trump continues to talk in misogynistic ways, to this day–look what he had to say about Machado, and telling people to look for her (nonexistent) sex tape. And then he lies about it. It is possible to create a narrative explanation of all this that suggests that Bill Clinton is a changed person from the one he was in the 1990’s. It is not possible to do so with Trump. He is excusing his “locker room talk”, and he really has not apologized in any sense. He really sees nothing wrong with it.

    Finally, I have a recent story for you (recent being in the last couple of years). I know this big time lawyer in NYC that I had to make use of once. He has represented Trump a couple of times. He tells me a story (this is just before Trump got interested in presidential politics, so like 3 or 4 years ago). He is having lunch with Donald at a fancy NYC restaurant. There is a table with 3 good looking women near them, and the women are looking at Trump and obviously talking about him. Trump is making eye contact, winking, playing the game, and then says to my lawyer friend that he is planning on sleeping with the blonde that night. Never met any of them before, of course. Called my friend up the next day to let him know that he had scored (again).

    That is Donald Trump. That has always been Donald Trump, and always will be. And do not forget about what his first wife said, under oath, in a deposition she gave in their divorce, about Donald raping her. ( )

    1. W.E. Peterson Post author

      I don’t like Donald Trump. I like Bill Clinton in ways. He’s a better man than Donald Trump. Easy call.

      A thing though, Bill Clinton is not socially retarded like Donald Trump. He’s very smart. So he knows not to boast of misogyny while being a sexual user of women rather than boast of misogyny and be a sexual user of women.

      I’m not persuaded that difference makes him a vastly less misogynistic.

      The other thing is… are we really to understand the Clintons don’t, most of the time, live under some auspices of a separated marriage? Not divorced, but not married…. Separated…. so Bill can date and Hillary can run for POTUS with the cache of a Clinton.

      Whatever that is, and however it’s not ‘misogynistic’, I would not call it empowering. It really lacks something such that it’s going to be the first woman POTUS.


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