GOP is dead….

Or you could say, the 2020 field has been cleared for the right candidate…

FnA man, he’s like the Republican Jed Bartlett


2 thoughts on “GOP is dead….

  1. pm1956

    Yeah, but Sasse’s problem will be the Trump loyalists who will blame Sasse and Ryan and McCain for Trump’s loss.

    the 2020 candidate from the GOP will have to somehow unite the wings of the party that Trump is currently dividing. That will not be easy.

  2. pm1956

    I suppose the source of the GOP’s problem is that they can’t come up with an acceptable explanation for why the GOP keeps losing presidential elections. Seriously, the GOP record in national elections is terrible (remember, one of the GOP’s “wins” was actaully a loss in terms of votes, although a “win” inm terms of electoral votes). Problem is that a significant portion of the GOP base thinks that they have been stabbed in the back, betrayed by their own Congressional leaders, who are too interested in compromise and not interested enough in being rock solid conservatives. And they fail to recognize that rock solid conservatives are actually a minority in this country. Trump is already laying the idea that the election is going to be stolen, that he is a winner and the only reason that he could possibly lose is that the election has been rigged. And that will play into Ryan and McCain and other GOP leaders being traitors to the cause.

    I do not see how the GOP will avoid this kind of a shit show, particularlyt if Trump and Bannon and Ailes decide to make a conservative Fox News on their own. Certainly the financial incentives to do so are going to be irresistable to the three of them!


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