The Donald’s loss carry forward

I wasn’t voting for him anyway, and among top reasons were, he’s not really a successful businessman.

Over the weekend some of his old tax returns get leaked to the NYT and published. Liberals and the left are constructing said ‘narrative’ around a fatcat / robber baron gaming the tax system cuz class warfare and ‘Trumped-up trickle down’.  That’s not really true…

Trump’s tax loss has the superficial appearance of being legit…. The returns got accepted by the IRS, so they conform… and Trump really did incur the loss (cuz he was a shitty businessman…). Loss is probably real enough actually, and not a mere paper loss.

So your story there is, Trump is a shitty businessman, not qualified to be POTUS. Story is not ‘there’s something wrong with people taking humungous tax losses, and Republicans abet the system that allows it.” Cuz it isn’t ‘wrong’, and Republicans don’t abet this particular mechanism in any way that is distinct from the other party

Now, I can express an understanding for Democrats trying to frame things in class terms, when a class dialectic doesn’t really apply…. Cuz that’s what they do, cuz when your only tool is a hammer, you hammer….. But I’m still bewildered by it. The truth would be effective enough here.


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